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The Virtual Gastric Band Programme

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We know that diet fads of all types have been around for a long time. There is a lot of conflicting advice and it is difficult to know what is going to work. You could have tried many of these diet fads realising yourself that they don’t work. You may have experienced yourself that people who follow a traditional dieting system will lose weight whilst they are on that diet. But, as soon as the diet stops, the weight invariably returns, often leaving them heavier than before the diet began! It is estimated that 95 percent of all people who diet experience this cycle.

It seems counter intuitive to focus on food all of the time by counting calories or points this just reinforces the brain to think about food. Most diets include some form of deprivation and/or denial which also triggers the mind to think about food most of the time. Thus, when an individual gives up a diet, he will find himself thinking about food more than he ever did before.

When we deny comfort foods and eating different meals to the rest of the family, three things happen: the brain fights against it, the body fights against it, and the day to day environment fights against it.

How often do you hear of those who say to themselves each Monday: “That’s it! I’m going to stop eating. Just as soon as I’ve had my dinner. And then I’m going to eat only salad.” Of course, the good intentions quickly lapse and it’s back to Stage One…and misery all over again

Because most eating habits are deeply engrained in the subconscious, the outcome is the same each time the situation arises.

We know that conscious self-denial of something can often increase the desire for that very thing, and eating a little less than we need – but eating anything we want – can actually lead to weight loss. Cutting out favourite foods completely is a bad idea, but cutting down on those foods is achievable and sustainable

We know that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body shape, improved fitness and all-round health. This programme uses a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques, and is NOT a diet. It enables clients to form new habits that they can maintain; there is no deprivation and thus clients are liberated from having to think about food all the time; they eat consciously, and are able to listen to what their stomachs are telling them. 

The result is steady, progressive weight loss – without dieting

This Virtual Gastric Band Programme is conducted over a four-week period. 

The four sessions (1 x 90 mins, 3x 60 mins)  are designed to bring about a permanent change in your eating habits, and focus on the person you want to be. 

This is not a short-term fix. 

Creating new habits with you  (to get you where you want to be, and to enable you to remain there) will generally take 28 days.


Kim is such an accomplished, caring & deeply knowledgeable counsellor/clinical hypnotherapist. She genuinely cares for her clients & works with them to understand the root cause(s) of the problem(s).

I have felt so relaxed & trusting in her presence & abilities...and have achieved fantastic results with weight loss & behaviour modification through sessions with her.

That said, although working with somebody as skilled/compassionate as Kim is really effective, clinical hypnotherapy (like other therapies) is an ongoing process so it’s awesome to have someone like Kim on your side/backing you.

Thanks Kim - you’re amazing!
Brad Marsh

Thank you Kim for helping me to overcome my anxiety and frustration from the choices I made in my life.

I have learnt to slow down and give myself time to stop and think about what I want in my life.

I am making better choices now.
Janine D, Mortdale.

Kim helped me cut down on sugar through hypnotherapy and surprisingly it helped a lot.

I will be back for more treatments as I found her to be very warm, welcoming and trusting.
Lulu Campbell
Kim is a great listener and helps to structure your thoughts and provides great insights and inputs to your problems. She provides a thorough plan to address multiple dimensions of the problems being faced by the client.

I found the hypnotherapy recordings very helpful. Will definitely recommend her services to everyone looking for a holistic approach to their health problems
Sukhchain Dhillon
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So, what is it?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.
It changes how you think about food and gives very safe, very predictable results.

The hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that there is no need for more food.

It is most definitely NOT a diet – we know that diets only work in the short term.

The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want, but will enable you to intake smaller portions.

 And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, the issues which cause diets to fail.

 As The Virtual Gastric Band effectively negates these issues, you are left with a long-term solution to your weight problems.

 You are encouraged to get the book which supports the program.

What Can You Expect From Clinical Hypnotherapy with Kim Shade?

Clinical  Hypnotherapy is a process. Many people will begin to see results after a single session, but for those results to stick long-term, the strategy may need to be evaluated and reinforced regularly.

During follow-up sessions, Kim will guide you through exercises to reinforce the new behaviour and make it stronger and stronger. Over time and with the proper technique, you can completely transform old, automatic subconscious thoughts.

Additionally, Kim can help to improve upon results. For example, if the results were subtle following your first session, Kim may choose another strategy to help you overcome your issues. She’s dedicated to finding the most effective, personalized solution to get you the results you desire.

The Process: What To Expect From Your  VGB Hypnosis for Weightloss

  • Once you book a session you will be asked to complete the online Client Intake Form which outlines your contact details, wellness history, and status, lifestyle challenges expectations from your sessions and consent.
  • The first session is 90 minutes, the other 3 are 60 minutes each.
  • Most people find that their treatment is integrated into their life more fully when they have their sessions not more than 1-2 weeks apart.
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Keep in mind that we’re here to support you throughout the entire process. We’re committed to delivering hypnotherapy solutions that are custom-tailored to you and your unique life and needs.

Get in touch today to schedule your first  clinical hypnotherapy session. The best version of yourself is waiting.

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“Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.” 

 Milton Erickson