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Process Oriented Psychotherapy

What is Process Oriented Psychotherapy (POP)?

Process Oriented Psychotherapy (POP) involves several techniques that explore the mind-body connection, using a trans-disciplinary approach that integrates principles from Jungian psychology, physics, information theory and awareness patterns from Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanism.

This approach offers a new and innovative way of working with the human condition, whether it’s on an individual or group level.

Kim, your certified psychotherapist, will work with you to gently explore, unfold and follow your channels of communication from unconscious signals that emerge during your session.

You can expect an attitude of curiosity, the collaborative discovery of your processes and an underpinning notion that there is coherence and value in our everyday disturbances, body symptoms, and night-time dreams. This approach is non-prescriptive, and as the client, you’re supported to explore and unfold your emotional and physical symptoms to uncover what drives those in the first place.

Often the unconscious signals can deepen your understanding, allowing you to gain more clarity through accessing your inner wisdom and innate knowledge to respond to current challenges. This is a rich exploration of feelings, emotions and body sensations.

Areas of Potential Exploration During your Psychotherapy Session

Your body is an integrated system and the body-mind connection is tested in many ways daily.

Discomfort or pain is the way the body communicates to get our attention this can be explored to find the message and meaning behind the symptom.

Here are some of the common potential areas of exploration we may visit during your session:


Dreams can be a valuable source of information when unfolding a current challenge and dream-work may be part of the session.

Biography and recurring life patterns

These could be explored as part of the session as they tend to reoccur following a logical sequence.


This could be incorporated into a session by using drawing or painting to express yourself.


Movement can be explored through role-play and sound to help express yourself.

What to Expect at your First Visit with Kim

The ultimate goal of eco-psychotherapy is to find a deeper connection to yourself through nature and improve your life forever.

Kim would like to make the process of booking your sessions as easy and informative as possible.

Here’s what you can expect when you contact the (office):

  • Once you book a session you will be asked to complete the online Client Intake form which outlines your contact details, wellness history, and status, lifestyle challenges expectations from your sessions and consent.
  • Your first session is 90 minutes the price is $150  and consists of discussing your Client Intake Form and working with you to prioritise your needs and focus of the sessions for your treatment plan.

The amount of sessions required depends on the depth of the challenge and the client’s ability to open up and let go allowing the facilitation of the psycho-therapeutic process and insights into what their next steps forward could be.

Generally, 2-3 sessions dealing with one challenge can result in a sound understanding of how to improve your current life circumstances in a particular area. 

For more complex concerns 3-6 sessions may be necessary. All follow up sessions are 60 minutes and clients receive the best results when follow-up sessions are 1-2 weeks apart.

Why Choose Kim Shade for Process-Oriented Psychotherapy (POP)?

Psychotherapy with Kim  is client centred, validating, while coaching you to both explore and trust your own life process rather than placing your therapist into a prescriptive, authoritative role.

POP sessions with Kim are about collaboration, curiosity, developing awareness, and drawing personalised meaning (and sometimes, strategies) out of your own  cognitive  and sensory experiences.

POP is theoretically rich and deep yet profoundly simple and often beautifully practical. It’s a practice that Kim takes great pride in teaching and implementing as she is a compassionate healer at heart.

Complete Healing and Relief are within Reach

If you’re suffering from any kind of trauma, anxiety, body symptoms, midlife issues, or other concerns and you want a safe, natural, and proven way to free your mind and body of the discomfort you’re experiencing, get in touch with Kim Shade today to schedule your psychotherapy session.

Through collaborative support and compassionate care, Kim will help you regain control of your life and help you get back on a path to a healthier, happier, and more productive you.

Connect with Kim Shade

At Sydney Strategic Therapy, Kim is passionate about helping clients recover quickly and gently from anxiety, trauma and the overwhelm of daily life.

If this is all new to you, then you probably have lots of questions. Just book in for a free 20-minute consultation where Kim will answer all of them.