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Counselling and Psychotherapy for People with Disabilities

Counselling and Psychotherapy for People with Disabilities

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Disabilities can pose significant barriers to daily functioning. For many people with disabilities, the biggest challenge they face from living with a disability is not the disability itself, it’s the way society responds to it. Life tends to be structured around a presumed norm. From buildings and classrooms to workplaces and homes, it can be tough to navigate the barriers and still get on with living the life you want.

Having a disability also means that sometimes you are treated differently than most. You may be stared at, discriminated against, or left out of normal activities. People who live with their obvious and not so obvious differences day to day may find that specialised counselling for people with disabilities can help.

As an experienced therapist, I can help support you throughout your journey navigating life. You can receive help managing the stress of your disability, navigating the effects of disability on your relationships, and advocating for your needs.

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What Is Counselling and Psychotherapy for People with a Disability?

There’s often a misconception when it comes to counselling and psychotherapy. It’s traditionally viewed as advice-giving, however, that’s not the whole picture. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be incredibly life-enhancing and transformational, promoting positive changes in your life.

For some people with disabilities, they see seeking help through counselling and psychotherapy as negative. However, this could not be further from the truth. When you work with me, you’re making an investment in your well-being and continued growth to the life you desire.

You’ll be working with a highly experienced, trained professional who has personal experience supporting people with a disability to achieve their goals. I understand the physical and emotional challenges you face and will help you work through them in your own time and in a way that makes sense to you.

Disability comes in all shapes and sizes. There is no single definition to account for all disabilities. The same condition that may be disabling for one person may simply be a minor inconvenience for another. Each situation and person is unique, and that’s why I take a customized approach to your treatment. You get the attention, care, and compassion you deserve based on your troubles and emotions surrounding them.

How Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Help?

When it comes to counselling and psychotherapy, for those living with a disability, there are a couple of objectives that can help you achieve a healthier, happier life.

First, depending on the type and severity of your disability, there may be some basic things that you’ll need help learning and navigating. These can include:

  • Communication skills
  • Coping skills
  • Chronic illness
  • Management
  • Emotional skills
  • Management of physical
  • Intellectual, or mental disability
  • Relationship skills
  • Routine setting and scheduling
  • Goal setting


The second piece of the puzzle is helping those with challenges to deal with the everyday emotions that living with a disability brings. These are sometimes the most difficult hurdles to break, but with time, patience, and dedication, you can drastically change your life and well-being.


What Are The Benefits?

Counselling and psychotherapy helps you to:

  • Have more control
  • Make some changes
  • Feel and be safe
  • Get advice about a problem
  • Feel less worried
  • Know who you can talk to or get support from.
  • Achieve your goals

Are You A Good Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for this type of counselling and psychotherapy if any of the below statements resonate with you: 

  • You need help to understand how to manage something which has happened to you.
  • You need strategies to have a better sleep
  • You need help to manage feelings and emotions
  • You need help to focus on or create positive things in your life
  • You need help to plan a positive future

Why Choose Sydney Strategic Therapy with Kim Shade?

I have over 30 years of combined personal and professional experience in the field of counselling those with disabilities. My motivation comes from my dedication to educating and supporting others through challenging circumstances. 

Working with me, you’ll receive the personalised, one-on-one attention that you need to deal with and overcome some of your most pressing issues related to your disability. The service that I provide is unique in that I specialise in counselling and psychotherapy, for people with disabilities.

I understand that there are challenges that you’re faced with that are unique to you and that profoundly change your life and the lives of those around you. The challenges you face may involve trouble with communication, social disadvantages, depression, discrimination, vulnerability, shame, anxiety, overwhelm, and so much more. 

By seeking counselling and psychotherapy for yourself, you’re not only making an investment into the quality of your life, but to the quality of life for your carers, family, and others around you. Taking control of your emotional wellness can help you deal with the challenges and struggles of everyday life that you’re stuck in at this moment.

Professional, Proven Skills and Strategies

The skills, techniques, and strategies that I’ll teach you will carry through to the rest of your life. I don’t simply put a Band-Aid on your struggles, I teach you how to deal and cope with them now and then set you up for success in the future when new struggles arise. I give you the skills and coping mechanisms you need to succeed throughout the rest of your life while building hope and certainty for a bright future ahead.

I believe that just because you have a disability should not mean that you have to lead a life that’s anything less than your best. I’ll draw from my personal experience, knowledge of the service sector, and my specialised training to help you, your carers, and your family live life to the fullest.

I welcome you to reach out and schedule an exploratory session with me. Let’s work together to see what’s possible for you.

What Do My Sessions Look Like?

A typical session with me will always adhere to the highest level of confidentiality and respect. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable and able to open up as possible. Remember, I have years of experience working with people with all kinds of disabilities, allowing me to empathise deeply with you and your problems.

I strive to maintain a creative, fun, and supportive environment. Although counselling and psychotherapy is a serious issue, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be dull. I’ll guide you gently on your journey, supporting you as you make the changes in your life that improve it.

The changes and suggestions that I recommend will be easy for you to understand and to implement. I encourage all of my clients to make changes on their own schedule. For some, changes happen quickly. And for others, change comes more gradually. Either way is completely fine, normal, and encouraged.

What I want my clients to understand from their work with me is that counselling and psychotherapy can provide you with the ultimate form of self-discovery. When our work is through, you should feel lighter, happier, safer, and more life in yourself.

How Do We Make Changes and Accomplish Your Goals?

In order to make the changes needed for you to live your best, happiest life, we’ll begin with a guided exercise to evaluate your ‘old familiar habits’ that keep you stuck.

You will be supported to decide what changes will be most helpful and those which you don’t have the power to change. This is valuable work that results in renewed energy, acceptance, and a restored sense of hope when facing challenges.

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Take Control Of Your Life

If you’re struggling to navigate your life as a person with a disability, you don’t have to continue on this path alone. You deserve to take some time to improve your mental and emotional health. My clients find that they are happier, more relaxed, and feel more heard and understood after their sessions with me. We’ll work together to heal your damaged emotions and traumas, allowing you to take back control of your life. Here’s how:

Life Balance

I understand that your life can sometimes feel like it’s a constant state of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. You need someone to talk to who understands you and your situation, who can help by providing you with the support and encouragement you need to care for yourself.

My individualised approach allows us to build a session based on your unique challenges. Once identified, we’ll map out the right action steps to get you well on your way to a life that’s balanced and fulfilled.


Together, we’re going to focus on you and how we can make your life better in the long-term, starting right now. We cannot predict the future, and although we hope that the future holds better days, we have no certainty of that so we must look after ourselves in the present.

I’ll help you develop the skills you need to sustain yourself in the here and now. We’ll make self-care a priority.

Advocating For Yourself

It’s easy for well-meaning carers, family, friends, teachers, and even health care professionals to not allow you the opportunity to fully explain and express your feelings properly.

You may not have been given the consideration you need and deserve, which can cause additional challenges. You may have wished that you had the words or the courage to speak up but have failed to express yourself properly.

While working with me, I’ll help to prepare you for hard conversations while still maintaining your relationships. I’ll encourage you to consider your fears and stand up for your “non-negotiables” in certain situations.

I want you to feel as though you are fully supported in every way possible.

Making The Time To Get The Help You Need

I understand that you’re busy, overwhelmed, and quite possibly unsure if counselling and psychotherapy is the right choice for you. Maybe you’re taking things one day at a time, assuming that things will get better as time goes on.

It’s your decision to determine if counselling and psychotherapy is the right direction for you. But if you’re struggling with communication, time-management, and emotions, then you owe it to yourself to at least explore what’s possible.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you break down your barriers and improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I am here to help you navigate your personal journey by taking an individualised, empathetic, and compassionate approach.

Call or SMS me today and I will get back to you ASAP to help you discover a new and better path for your life.

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