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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


A gentler, more sustainable way to lose weight

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Food is a very important part of our culture, family and social life. As well as sustaining our bodies, it has the power to trigger strong memories and evoke feelings about the past – both positive and negative.

Therefore, it’s essential that we acknowledge and manage the role our emotions play in and around food. So if weight loss is your goal, it may not be possible in the longer term without examining your approach to food in a more holistic way.

If you have tried dieting in the past and had limited success, this will be why. Diets generally don’t give you any insight into why you have habits and help you change them. They just focus on denial and deprivation – which doesn’t work and only leads to more weight gain once the diets end.

At Sydney Strategic Therapy, we take a more holistic and sustainable approach to weight loss. Through a range of methods, including hypnotherapy, Virtual Gastric Band, psychotherapy, eco-psychotherapy or even yoga therapy, we can give you a more positive approach to food and a sustainable way to lose weight for the long term.

Hypnotherapy and weight loss

Without a doubt, hypnotherapy is the most powerful tool we have for permanent change.

Rather than putting you on another diet, we use hypnosis to help you develop a realistic plan and  mindset for losing weight in a way that will work for you specifically.

Clinical hypnotherapy is more effective than diet and exercise alone. Bringing hypnotherapy into the mix allows your mind to adapt to the suggestion to change eating habits while you follow a multifaceted plan developed specifically for you. This plan incorporates learning skills, getting food-education, changing habits, planning meals and updating your daily routine.

However, if hypnotherapy isn’t for you, we can also use psychotherapy or other methods to get these results. We’re very flexible and experienced, and we want to find the best modality that will bring you success.

Could hypnosis help you lose weight?

Not everyone is a good candidate for using hypnosis for weight loss. If you answer yes to any of these questions, hypnotherapy could probably assist you:

Flexible treatment options

At Sydney Strategic Therapy, we don’t push clients towards one modality to resolve their underlying issues.

We acknowledge that you’re an individual, so we use the method that works best for you specifically. This will give you the greatest chance of removing the obstacles in your way and having an amazing life moving forward.

You might even be a perfect candidate for our virtual gastric band therapy.

When it comes to weight loss therapy, we highly recommend hypnotherapy due to its powerful  and rapid success rate in long-term weight loss.

But what makes it so successful in helping people reach the root causes holding them back?

How hypnotherapy works

Clinical hypnotherapists successfully use hypnosis for conditions like anxiety, overeating, smoking, weight loss, phobias, negative thinking Trauma and more.

They also use a large toolbox of techniques, including visualisation, neurolinguistic programming, root cause analysis and reframing. Having more tools enables hypnotherapists to tailor their approach to a person’s needs.

Each person has their own subconscious thinking patterns – these patterns keep negative behaviour in place. Hypnosis is most effective when the experience is tailored to reversing these patterns (or root cause).

Clinical hypnotherapy tends to empower clients more effectively than typical therapy because hypnotherapists can recognise change-resistant behaviours and uncover root causes very quickly.

Your first session is 90mins long and then 75 mins for subsequent sessions. Several sessions may be necessary for optimal results. With follow-up sessions to reinforce positive behaviours, results can be longer-lasting and achieved more quickly and effectively.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to ditch the diets and try something that could change your life permanently for the better?

You can start by booking a free 20-minute consultation with Kim, our clinical hypnotherapist. She can discuss your goals with you and answer any questions.