Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

…more effective than diet and exercise alone

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Release Weight with Hypnotherapy

Have you experienced limited success from diets in the past. Food is a very important part of our cultural, family and social life. Food can sustain as well as evoke positive feelings from memories. It is important to manage the role that our emotions play in our lives when it comes to food. This is where Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can assist you to develop a realistic plan.

If you are looking to release weight then Hypnotherapy is more effective than diet and exercise alone. You can allow the mind to adapt to the suggestion to change habits like overeating while following a multifaceted individual plan developed with you which incorporates learning skills, food education, changing habits, meal planning and updating your daily routine.

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Kim is a great listener and helps to structure your thoughts and provides great insights and inputs to your problems. She provides a thorough plan to address multiple dimensions of the problems being faced by the client.

I found the hypnotherapy recordings very helpful. Will definitely recommend her services to everyone looking for a holistic approach to their health problems
Sukhchain Dhillon

Thank you Kim for helping me to overcome my anxiety and frustration from the choices I made in my life.

I have learnt to slow down and give myself time to stop and think about what I want in my life.

I am making better choices now.
Janine D, Mortdale.
Kim is such an accomplished, caring & deeply knowledgeable counsellor/clinical hypnotherapist. She genuinely cares for her clients & works with them to understand the root cause(s) of the problem(s).

I have felt so relaxed & trusting in her presence & abilities...and have achieved fantastic results with weight loss & behaviour modification through sessions with her.

That said, although working with somebody as skilled/compassionate as Kim is really effective, clinical hypnotherapy (like other therapies) is an ongoing process so it’s awesome to have someone like Kim on your side/backing you.

Thanks Kim - you’re amazing!
Brad Marsh

Kim helped me cut down on sugar through hypnotherapy and surprisingly it helped a lot.

I will be back for more treatments as I found her to be very warm, welcoming and trusting.
Lulu Campbell

Are you open to using hypnosis to assist you with releasing weight?

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness that you naturally enter for therapeutic purposes. During this process, beneficial corrections may be given directly to the unconscious mind. This is both a reservoir of unrecognised potential and knowledge and the unwitting source of many of our challenges.

No-one can be hypnotised against their will and even when hypnotised, a person can still reject any suggestion. Therefore, therapeutic hypnosis is a state of purposeful and confidential co-operation.

During the session, you will recline in a comfortable chair with your feet elevated. During the hypnosis period, you will feel relaxed, but still aware of what is happening around you. The conscious mind slows down and thoughts fade allowing for positive suggestions to be embedded in the sub-conscious mind. You will enter a state of deep relaxation.

You will awaken from the hypnotic relaxed state initially feeling drowsy and then wide awake as if you have experienced a very satisfying sleep. You may or may not remember the positive suggestions, which is why all hypnosis sessions are recorded and you’ll be sent the recording the next day following the session.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Enables the Strategy to Stick So You Can Achieve Results

In clinical hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used as a tool to help clients reach a state of relaxation – similar to daydreaming. When you enter a state of hypnosis, your mind is highly suggestible, and because of this, you can begin to reframe the negative thought patterns that are holding behaviours in place.

For example, let’s say you’re hoping to overcome procrastination. The clinical  hypnotherapist will guide you into hypnosis. Once you’ve achieved this hyper-focused, relaxed state, the clinical  hypnotherapist will provide tailored suggestions designed to help you overcome and reframe your existing subconscious thoughts. 

For procrastination, the suggestion might be: “Working in 30-minute intervals should be a priority in your life. Because you’re working for just a half-hour, work will come more easily. And it will feel more manageable than the past.”

Ultimately, because your mind while in a state of hypnosis is so suggestible, this suggestion is much more likely to “stick.” In other words, you’re reversing the negative thoughts that encourage your procrastination. 

You Could Need Help if You Answer YES to the Following Questions:

  • Do you struggle with cravings?
  • Do you have negative self-talk about food and body image?
  • Are you self-sabotaging when it comes to making food choices?
  • Are you overweight as a symptom of a past trauma?
  • Are you frustrated with diets?
  • Do you really know and believe what healthy eating is?
  • Are your food habits a weight nightmare?
  • Is your daily routine supporting you to make the best choices possible?
  • Do you incorporate movement daily?
  • Do you know your food triggers e.g. emotional eating?
  • Is food soothing?
  • Do you practice relaxation or mindfulness regularly?

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You Receive Specialised Care

Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained to address a variety of conditions – including anxiety, overeating, smoking, weight loss, phobias, negative thinking and much more. In other words, our training provides the tools to address a much longer list of conditions.

Plus, clinical hypnotherapists have a much broader toolbox of techniques to work with, including visualisation, neuro-linguistic programming, root cause analysis, and reframing.

With more tools, clinical hypnotherapists can provide an approach that’s tailored to each individual’s needs.

It’s Highly Effective

Ultimately,clinical hypnotherapists want you to succeed. Yet, clinical hypnotherapy tends to empower clients more effectively.

The reason? Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained to recognise change resistance behaviours and uncover the root cause.

Additionally, clinical hypnotherapists encourage follow-up appointments to reinforce positive behaviours. Therefore, results may be longer-lasting and achieved more quickly.

It’s Tailored to Your Needs

Each client seeking hypnosis has his or her own subconscious thinking patterns. These subconscious thoughts are what keep a negative behaviour in place.

For hypnosis to be effective, the experience must be tailored to reversing this “root cause.”

In general, clinical hypnotherapy seeks to understand the root causes of anxiety, stress, discomfort or life challenges and deliver therapy that is designed to reverse the subconscious source.

“Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.” 

 Milton Erickson