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Clinical Hypnotherapy is highly effective. Based on clinical research, it’s a more effective alternative to traditional methods. A hypnosis study found that, on average, patients required just six clinical hypnotherapy sessions and achieved a 93% recovery rate.

Do you want rapid, evidence-based results in your life?

Ultimately,clinical hypnotherapists want you to succeed. Yet, clinical hypnotherapy tends to empower clients more effectively.

The reason? Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained to recognise change resistance behaviours and uncover the root cause.

Additionally, clinical hypnotherapists encourage follow-up appointments to reinforce positive behaviours. Therefore, results may be longer-lasting and achieved more quickly.

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What Is Anxiety? 

Anxiety is a mental state of both distress and arousal set off by sensing uncertain danger either real or imagined.

  1. It consists of cognitive elements – feelings of worry or dread an apprehensive anticipation of some future bad outcome
  2. Physical sensations – jitteriness, restlessness, edgy, muscle tension, sleep disturbance, irritable, procrastination, fatigue and difficulty concentrating – brain fog.  Other signs in the body include; disrupting digestion, disrupting sleep, speeding heart rate or ringing in the ears.
Your Experience of Anxiety

You perceive a threat, whether it is a reality-based one or an imagined one (possibility of being fired). The brain’s amygdala signals the hypothalamus (command centre) which spreads the signal through the autonomic nervous system and hormones are released including adrenaline. 

Multiple physical symptoms will be experienced; your heart beats faster, pulse rate increases, blood pressure increases, breathing quickens.  You may feel short of breath or

  • dizziness
  • muscle tension
  • trembling or shaking
  • dry mouth
  • sweating
  • stomach ache
  • headache.

Studies show that the bodily symptoms often lead to misdiagnosis in which the symptoms are ascribed to physical causes, and the true source of the problem continues undiscovered. 

Although unpleasant, occasional bouts of anxiety are natural and sometimes even productive: By signalling that something isn’t quite right, anxiety can help people both avoid danger and make important and meaningful changes.

Anxiety issues arise when you

“overestimate risk while underestimating personal skills and resources”

When anxiety disrupts your daily life, whether at school, work, or with friends then it is time to seek help.  

Why Do You Experience Anxiety?

You are not alone with your experience of anxiety.   Anxiety and stress are intimately related; anxiety is a reaction to stress. Life moves at a faster pace than ever before and the expectations of our time and efforts professionally and personally grow by the day. You may have forgotten how to just breath deeply, what it is like to feel the breeze on your face or the smell after rain.   


If you are a person who worries about things in the future and who is uncomfortable with the uncertainties of life.  If you tend to spend a lot of time in your head and use your feelings as an indicator of what is true and what isn’t.  If you also avoid confrontation.  For many people avoidance is the way they deal with problems.  thinking about the problem is not doing something about it so “thinking is not doing”.


If you lean towards being perfectionistic, have a high need for control, typically take responsibility for others, or have a fairly strong self-critical internal dialogue, then you will be more prone to anxiety and depression than others.


Technology means we are available for work 24/7 with work permeating our lives and making meaningful down time a dream instead of reality.   Fear drives us to sacrifice the things that are important to us – hobbies, family, sport and leisure.   When we are fear driven our coping strategies are stretched and the inevitable life changes (relationship breakdown or work issues) are more difficult to manage and you are not able to do usual things to the usual standard.  


Kim is a great listener and helps to structure your thoughts and provides great insights and inputs to your problems. She provides a thorough plan to address multiple dimensions of the problems being faced by the client.

I found the hypnotherapy recordings very helpful. Will definitely recommend her services to everyone looking for a holistic approach to their health problems
Sukhchain Dhillon

Thank you Kim for helping me to overcome my anxiety and frustration from the choices I made in my life.

I have learnt to slow down and give myself time to stop and think about what I want in my life.

I am making better choices now.
Janine D, Mortdale.
Kim is such an accomplished, caring & deeply knowledgeable counsellor/clinical hypnotherapist. She genuinely cares for her clients & works with them to understand the root cause(s) of the problem(s).

I have felt so relaxed & trusting in her presence & abilities...and have achieved fantastic results with weight loss & behaviour modification through sessions with her.

That said, although working with somebody as skilled/compassionate as Kim is really effective, clinical hypnotherapy (like other therapies) is an ongoing process so it’s awesome to have someone like Kim on your side/backing you.

Thanks Kim - you’re amazing!
Brad Marsh

Kim helped me cut down on sugar through hypnotherapy and surprisingly it helped a lot.

I will be back for more treatments as I found her to be very warm, welcoming and trusting.
Lulu Campbell

What Can You Expect From Clinical Hypnotherapy for Anxiety with Sydney Strategic Therapy?  

Clinical  Hypnotherapy is a process. Many people will begin to see results after a single session, but for those results to stick long-term, the strategy may need to be evaluated and reinforced regularly.

 At the subconscious level, many habits and compulsions have been reinforced over years. In other words, our brains are hardwired to keep the habit in place, and we’re oblivious to the control these subconscious thoughts have over our actions.

The clinical hypnotherapist takes time to learn about you and identify your negative behaviours and triggers. Ultimately, the goal is to determine the subconscious thinking pattern that’s keeping the behaviour in place – or the root cause.

Once the root cause is determined, devising a strategy is just one piece of the equation – you have to make that strategy ‘stick’, and often that requires updating your subconscious thinking.

During follow-up sessions, Kim will guide you through exercises to reinforce the new behaviour and make it stronger and stronger. Over time and with the proper technique, you can completely transform old, automatic subconscious thoughts.

Additionally, Kim can help to improve upon results. For example, if the results were subtle following your first session, Kim may choose another strategy to help you overcome your issues. She’s dedicated to finding the most effective, personalized solution to get you the results you desire.


  • Your work problems go home with you?
  • You experience being ‘out of control’?
  • You feel panic for no logical reason?
  • You experience symptoms of chest tightness, sweaty hands, ‘brain freeze’, and a hollowness in the pit of your stomach?
  • Your thoughts are dominated by a traumatic experience?
  • Your juggling multiple things and not doing anything to its best?
  • Your health is suffering?
  • Your relationships could be better?
  • You feel responsible for others?
  • You want to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy your life?
  • You are using substances (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar, drugs – illicit and prescription) to cope with daily life?
  • You experience feelings of being overwhelmed, unhappy or sad

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