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Healing Therapy for Deep Anxiety, Stress, PTSD and Trauma


Reset and heal from Long-term Anxiety, Stress, PSTD and Trauma - Transform your life.


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At Sydney Strategic Therapy, we use a safe and transformative process  to help people recover from trauma and create and renew a happy life.  Although trained in psychotherapy, counselling and other modalities, this is our favourite and fastest method for results. 

Stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, overwhelm, numbness – any of these could be a sign of deep trauma.

Sometimes people don’t realise how stressful events have impacted their life. They’ve developed strategies for coping and adapting so they can function in the world. And it seems to work for a while.

But inevitably they release those stored-up emotions from unresolved pain and there’s nowhere to hide. Or they shut down and live in a constant state of numbness to protect themselves.

This happens when we don’t deal with anxiety, stress, etc related to  trauma. If you have negative patterns or habits, a negative belief system or self-talk, or you continually attract negative people and experiences that disrupt your life, you might have unresolved pain from stressful events.

We don’t believe you have to stay in therapy forever. Recovery can be quick and permanent with the right help and your determination to shift into a new you.  The results can be amazing and profound as long as you are willing to play your part.

Indicators of Deep Anxiety, Stress, PTSD and Trauma

  • Do you get flooded with emotions and find it difficult to stay calm?
  • Do the simplest things make you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you have difficulty going to sleep?
  • Do you wake up at night and find it difficult to return to sleep? 
  • Do you feel nervous, restless, jumpy or tense?
  • Do you have a feeling of impending danger, panic or doom?
  • Is your heart rate increased?
  • Do you experience rapid breathing (hyperventilation)?
  • Do you sweat without exercise or physical exertion?
  • Do you feel weak or tired?
  • Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you feel numb or shut down from your feelings?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?
  • Are you always thinking about a current problem?
  • Do you have unhealthy habits, like recreational drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol or overeating?
  • Are you having problems in your relationships?
  • Do you suffer from gastrointestinal issues, like heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence or irritable bowel syndrome?

Any of these could indicate you’re being affected by past events that you haven’t recovered from. We want to help you move through it once and for all. Are you ready to make the shift to the NEW YOU?

You CAN absolutely resolve your entrenched Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, and Trauma quickly

At Sydney Strategic Therapy, we treat extreme trauma and related issues like stress, anxiety, PTSD and fear.

Our process achieves results very quickly and safely by using the deep imagination to overwrite  long-held anxiety, stress, PTSD and trauma where it’s stored – in the unconscious and in the body.

You might think you are consciously in control of your life, but it’s really your unconscious mind that’s in control. You see this whenever you consciously want to achieve a goal, like losing weight, and your unconscious mind disagrees.

We will never achieve our goal until your unconscious mind agrees it’s safe to do so.

The key is to remove the ‘video tape loops’ of negative experiences from past events. We help you rewire this from a lifetime of history –  in about 10 hours (or less). 

The result is that you can transform from feeling scared and anxious all the time – to feeling empowered, safe and calm.

Recognising your Opportunity for Healing Deep Anxiety, Stress, PTSD and Trauma

The body and mind need calm to rest, make healthy cells, heal injuries, release tension, recover from exertion, process nutrients and waste, and prevent and recover from illness.

So your body can’t stay in a constant state of stress and anxiety caused by long-lasting intense feelings or emotional reactions, despair, overwhelm or overstimulation. Over time, your mind and body will wear down and become less resilient. You’ll get very sick, both physically and mentally.

The result is any number of issues, including:

  • difficulty sleeping and nightmares
  • increased heart rate
  • gut problems
  • headaches
  • inflammatory responses
  • immune disorders
  • heightened startle reflex
  • rage or post-traumatic stress disorder (mild or severe)
  • panic attacks
  • fear
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

 If you recognise these symtoms and are wanting to move beyond this suffering into a life you can reinvigorate within just a few sessions, CALL TODAY.

Our Process will take you from feeling unsafe to feeling safe and aware that the past event is over (without re-traumatising you). It’s quick, safe and effective.

The Process does this by using hypnosis and vivid imagination, the language of the unconscious. When you vividly imagine something, the brain begins to rewire. This enables you to make the necessary changes through the calm state of hypnosis.


Here’s how the sessions work to Uplift You through your Healing Journey.



Each session lasts about 75-90 mins. They are gentle yet dynamic.
**Ask Kim about her Special Price – for a limited time.**


Session 1

- Science-based explanation about the stress response and how the mind works - Impact of the environment and creating your ‘Healthy Pond’ - Uncovering unconscious core beliefs and shifting them

Session 2

- Dynamic re-imagining through hypnosis - Individual recording to listen to between sessions - for continued development of your mind between sessions.

Session 3

- Empowerment by releasing your mind from the events of the past. - Protection of the younger self

Session 4

- Empowerment - free from guilt, shame, grief, intergenerational issues, compulsions, negativity, or anything that could be holding you back from being your best and brightest self.

Session 5

- Dynamic re-imagining of the future through hypnosis

Session 6

- Explanation with individualised hypnosis for: relationships, work skills, healthy lifestyle - whatever you want to re/create in your life. - Individualised recording to listen to for continued development moving forward.

YOUR LIFE IS WAITING! Are you ready to radically transform your life?

We know this is a lot to take in, so you probably have many questions. We’re happy to answer them all.

Our clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor and yoga instructor, Kim, will chat with you to answer any questions.t