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How to overcome difficult circumstances and lead the happy, healthy life of your dreams – quickly and sustainably

Kim Shade founded Sydney Strategic Therapy to help transform people’s lives.

Through a range of clinical approaches, we can gently and quickly help you get to the root cause of your difficulties, teach you healthier ways of thinking and acting, and give you the tools to create an amazing life for yourself.

Trauma therapy is a major part of what we do, as we find that trauma is often a core issue in many personal difficulties – from weight loss to midlife crisis to anxiety.

While many clinics offer only one modality, we’re more flexible and holistic in our offerings. Our work with you could include:

  • hypnotherapy
  • psychotherapy
  • counselling
  • eco-psychotherapy
  • yoga therapy.

Together, we will determine which approach suits you and will best help you recover quickly and for the longer term. Using one or more of these modalities, we’ll help you resolve difficulties such as:

  • weight loss and body issues
  • life transitions (such as midlife crises)
  • stress, anxiety, depression, grief, pain and phobias
  • relationship issues
  • existential exploration.

What you’ll get from our sessions

To get you where you want to be as quickly and gently as possible

We believe you don’t need to be in therapy forever and it doesn’t have to be painful. Most clients see results after the first session, and get the insights they need to recover after just a few more.

To use a holistic and individualised approach

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. We use an approach – or a combination – that is comfortable and helps you recover quickly and sustainably.

To get to the root cause

We won’t fill you with platitudes and positive thinking, and send you on your way. We use practical and highly effective methods to get to the root cause of your difficulties, so you can fully recover and go on to have a happy, amazing life.

To empower you to be self-sufficient

We want to empower you to explore life’s possibilities yourself – not make you dependent on therapy. So we give you the tools and resources to be self-sufficient and continue to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

Holistic and individual services

Kim Shade is a compassionate and intuitive practitioner with deep experience and training in various methodologies. This enables her to work with clients on an individual level to determine and use the approach that will best help them.

Hypnotherapy is the fastest route to freedom, but some clients prefer counselling or psychotherapy.

Other clients want a more organic experience in nature through eco-therapy. And others want more structured yoga therapy. We can use one or more of these methods in:

  • Trauma Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
  • Midlife Crisis Therapy
  • Eco – Psychotherapy

From founder, Kim Shade

Hi, I’m Kim, a clinical hypnotherapist, specialist counsellor, psychotherapist, and rehabilitative yoga facilitator.

I’ve spent more than 30 years in roles where I helped vulnerable people with disabilities. Through this fulfilling career, I found my passion – bringing healing to others.

I knew I’d found my life’s work and decided to establish Sydney Strategic Therapy.

In my further education, I focused on clinical hypnotherapy and psychology, as I saw these were extremely powerful areas for healing – particularly for trauma. Since then, I’ve assisted people in many challenging situations to recover from serious personal and wellbeing issues.

My unique and holistic approach to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy stems from my own personal experiences – both in a childhood fraught with difficulties and a career of helping vulnerable people. These experiences gave me the empathy and compassion that enable me to help so many suffering clients today.

There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than watching someone recover and go on to live the life of their dreams – despite their hardships or circumstances.

I’ve completed a range of qualifications and training, including:

  • Postgraduate Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy
  • Master of Social Change and Development
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Associate Diploma in Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leisure Studies
  • 400 hours of yoga teacher training
  • 500 hours of yoga therapy training

I’m also a member of various professional associations, including:

  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia
  • Diversional Recreation Therapy Australia
  • Yoga Australia.

Would a quick call help you determine if my approaches are a good match for your current challenges?

We are 100% committed to helping you recover and move on to a happier and fulfilling life.
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