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Inside all of us is the
natural ability to feel Aligned, Abundant, Confident, Healthy, Expansive, Resonant

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Counselling and Other Therapy

As the carer of a person who has a disability, mental health challenges

Disabilities can pose significant barriers to daily

Through collaborative support and compassionate care, Kim will help

Rehabilitative Yoga Facilitation is a tailored program of yoga postures which

If Your Answer To Any Of These Is Yes

Our Holistic Treatment Methods Will Get To The Truth About Why You Feel This
Way And Remove These Thinking Or Behaviour
Patterns For Good

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective path to freedom,
but you may prefer counselling or psychotherapy.


Midlife Crisis Therapy

Discover the root causes of your emotional distress, and transition happily and confidently into a new chapter of your life.

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Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

Form positive and sustainable habits, and achieve steady, progressive weight loss without any dieting or deprivation.

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Weight Loss Therapy

Get to the root cause of your difficulties with weight and free yourself from the dieting cycle with gentler, more sustainable weight loss.

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holding the hands of another

Severe Stress & Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma Therapy

Use our safe and highly effective process to reset your outlook, recover from trauma and transform your life for the better.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Use hypnosis to uncover the real causes of moderate anxiety, and develop a strategy for recovering and living a life without anxiety.

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Connect and harmonise with both the natural environment and yourself on a deeper level to improve your health and wellbeing.

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About Us

At Sydney Strategic Therapy, we implement a holistic approach with a
range of therapies to get to the root cause of your difficulties, give you
healthy and powerful new habits, and enable you to not only recover,
but transform your life forever.

Whether you need assistance with trauma, anxiety, weight loss, midlife transition or relationships, our highly experienced practitioner, Kim Shade, will provide compassionate care, tailored to your needs.

Every person has different needs and experiences, and everyone
deserves an holistic and individualised approach to therapy. So our
range of treatment methods includes hypnotherapy, psychotherapy,
counselling, eco-therapy and even yoga therapy.

We use whatever approaches will get the best results quickly and
sustainably. This gives you the greatest chance of removing the
obstacles in your path and creating an amazing life for yourself as you journey on down life’s road.

Kim Shade is a clinical hypnotherapist, specialist counsellor, psychotherapist and rehabilitative yoga facilitator.

She is a compassionate and intuitive practitioner with deep experience and training in a range of methodologies. She uses this knowledge and skill to work with clients on an individualised level. Her strength is determining and using the approach that will best help her clients.

Kim’s unique approach to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy stems from her own experiences – a childhood fraught with difficulties and a career of helping vulnerable people. This gave her the empathy and compassion that she is very well known for in her work with people who are vulnerable and in pain.

Reclaim your life – and be free again.

We provide the most holistic care to help you recover quickly and give you the tools to thrive in an exciting new phase of your life.

  • Learn the real nature and origins of your difficulties.
  • Identify and change any behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that create distress.
  • Learn new ways of thinking and acting to improve your wellbeing.
  • Develop coping strategies to help manage life’s stresses.
  • Better understand yourself, and your strengths and values.

Whether you prefer hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling or even
ecotherapy, we’ll find the best modality to bring you the most success
quickly for the long term.


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